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A Sole Trader is an individual that owns and runs a business. A Sole Trader is fully liable for any debts and contracts the business has and from a legal point of view there is no difference between the business and the individual.

Many people often start trading as a Sole Trader because it is the most simplistic way to begin and trade, then progress to operating through a limited company later when the business starts to make reasonable profits.

As Sole Traders tend to be small or micro businesses they tend to need as much help as possible from their accountant. Therefore, we offer Sole Traders unlimited help and advice throughout the year, included within the monthly payment.

We can complete the bookkeeping for our clients or alternatively they can complete the bookkeeping themselves to keep costs to a minimum. We provide simple spreadsheets or software to our Sole Trader clients which help them to keep their records properly and in a way, that we can use their information to complete accounts.

At Tax4Today we can take care of all the accounting and taxation requirements of Sole Traders for a competitive low cost monthly fee. We can offer many Sole Trader accounting services including help with registering the business and offer ongoing support and assistance going forward. We also regularly review your business to see whether it is operating in the most tax efficient way.

If you would like to know more about our Sole Trader accounting services then please contact us.