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At Tax4Today, we understand that our High Net Worth clients have some unique requirements that require specialist advice. We tailor our tax advice to help clients ensure that their wealth is protected from year to year and from generation to generation. We also work closely with other professionals to provide holistic advice, for example we can help those who want to support various charities in the best way.

We have in depth knowledge of HMRC's High Net Worth and Affluent Units that deal with taxpayers with wealth in excess of £10 million and £2.5 million respectively. If you are rich, enough to be looked after by one of these specialist teams be aware that you will likely be subject to far greater scrutiny than the average taxpayer. HMRC uses details from tax returns and other public information databases to identify some of the country’s highest taxpayers.

Our advice will take into account all taxes that are likely to be of concern to our High Net Worth clients including income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. We will seek to ensure that your tax affairs are structured in the most efficient way possible and help with any strategic tax planning. Our goal is to provide appropriate tax planning tailored for your unique circumstances.

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