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Statistics show that every year the money clawed back from HMRC investigations and enquiries increases.

And with no taxpayer being immune from these investigations, enquiries or disputes by HMRC, we at Tax4Today realise that our clients could at any time be chosen randomly by the HMRC.

As part of our continuous value added service, we are offering all our clients the opportunity to take out Fee Protection Insurance before we complete your tax return.

The Fee Protection Insurance will offer you peace of mind should you be the subject of an investigation, enquiry or dispute by covering any additional professional fees that we charge you for dealing with any of the above mentioned HMRC queries. These fees will be paid directly to us by your insurance policy.

Fee protection cover is available for Limited Companies, Partnerships, Sole Traders, Private Clients and Director’s and Partners.

Aspect Enquiries

An Aspect Enquiry is an enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs into a specific area/area of your tax return, without the request for sight of all books and records. As the number of Aspect Enquiries is on the increase we offer cover against this type of enquiry.

Directors & Partners Cover

Directors and Partners are covered for investigations into their own tax returns without the business being investigated. However, for them to be covered, we must act as tax return agents for the Director or Partner and the tax return must be a personal one.

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